Dakota Life

Dakota Life

"Dakota Life" takes you to South Dakota's highways and byways to find the stories that make life in the state unique. It includes visits with artists, musicians, artisans, teachers, historians, museum curators and other South Dakotans with a story to tell. The results are extraordinary snapshots of ordinary lives.
Although South Dakota is a small state, with a population of only about 750,000, it has an endless number of stories to share. From the tree-covered peaks of the Black Hills to the wide-open prairie, there are unique and unusual narratives that cannot be found anywhere else in the nation.
Many people around the country might be familiar with famous South Dakota faces like Mount Rushmore or Tom Brokaw, but there are a lot of things about South Dakota most Americans do not know. The program gives viewers a chance to learn more about some of the lesser-known happenings going on in South Dakota.
"Dakota Life" captures stories and preserves them for future generations to enjoy. South Dakota Public Broadcasting has always taken the everyday stories of everyday people to heart and made them part of our legacy.
Story suggestions come from all over the state. From these numerous ideas, producers find the stories that are unique, unexpected, interesting and timeless. They also try to discover the stories and people that the commercial media tend to overlook.
Enjoy artist profiles, stories of historical preservation, reports from the great outdoors and much, much more. Tune-in to "Dakota Life" and discover what makes South Dakota and its people so special.

Contact Info:

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

P.O. Box 5000
Vermillion, SD 57069

(800) 456-0766



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