70-year-old barrel racer June Holeman qualifies for THE AMERICAN

70-year-old barrel racer June Holeman qualifies for THE AMERICAN

The person behind her Facebook page calls her "grandma" while posting results, video, photos and more from June Holeman's barrel racing runs.

Holeman, who is from Arcadia, Neb., is 70 years old and getting ready to compete in RFD-TV's THE AMERICAN presented by Polaris Ranger on Sunday, March 2 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

According to her profile on Facebook, Holeman was the oldest person to compete in the 2005 National Finals Rodeo, a title which still stands.

"Well, I was – always have run barrels at amateur rodeos and a few pro rodeos in Nebraska, and never really tried until ‘04. I tried to get into the NFR, made it in '05. So that was good, but I didn't do what I wanted to do, so now I'm kind of trying to get back for my home towners that gave me – gave me guff," said Holeman.

The Horse – Hopes Money Boy

"Last year was his first year running barrels. And he got really, really good. But he's – he's getting stronger all the time. He's what they call a weaver and he does the elephant weave all the time, especially if you take his buddy away. He may – he may bite or kick her, but she's got to be there and don't saddle her because he don't want her saddled. So she's along just for fun. It's hard to have one like that because you need to ride them a little bit."

"As you see by my rig, I've never had a nice rig. So I might get a nice rig if I can do well."


"Yeah, the big win would be unbelievable. It would be a dream, just a dream. I tell everybody this is just another barrel race but of course, I'm getting all these calls saying ‘no, you have to run this time. You've never run before' – which is almost true. I don't run good to first barrel, anyway. After that, my run is pretty good."

"THE AMERICAN is the biggest dream you can have. It is. There's no doubt about that. It makes somebody a new life – would be a life changer. It will be such a thrill. I've been watching the football games and I've been seeing barrels out there on the field."

Get your tickets to see THE AMERICAN or make sure to watch it on RFD-TV this Sunday.

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