Sen. Graham on Immigration

Sen. Graham on Immigration

Senator Lindsey Graham addresses immigration Senator Lindsey Graham addresses immigration

August 27, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFDTV) - One of the most talked about topics of this election season is immigration. South Carolina Senator and presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham shared his views during RFD-TV's RURAL TOWN HALL. Graham addressed the issue from a rural perspective and shared his experience with immigration in his home state.

"As the American workforce declines," said the third-term Senator, "my goal as your president is to find workers who would come here, temporarily, benefit them and their families, and help us too. Because I don't want farmers to leave this country because they can't find workers. Any farmers here? It's pretty hard to find workers folks. You ever been to a meat packing plant? Most of them are Hispanic. Now let me tell you, to my friends in the republican party, we're not going to fix this system by yelling about it. To those who think we need to limit legal immigration, what movie are you looking at? Where do the workers come from in agriculture, and other areas of our economy?"

"I'm in South Carolina," Graham continued, "big tourism industry. We're having a hard time finding service workers. When the PGA came to Kiawah Island and Charleston I had to go back to get 600 Jamaican maids to come in here to service the tournament. So not only would I reform the H-2A program, I would create a brand new immigration system based on merit. As to the 11 million, once we secure our border, increase legal immigration and control who gets a job. Non-crooks can stay. Felons are not welcome."

Graham's final remarks on the topic left no room for interpretation. "To those who yell about immigration," he said, "you've obviously never run a farm. We need workers in the future, and I'll make sure the workers come here legally. And they can meet the IRS like the rest of us."

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