Sen. Graham Talks About Rural Co-Ops

Sen. Graham Talks About Rural Co-Ops

Sen. Lindsey Graham talks about the importance of co-ops in rural areas. Sen. Lindsey Graham talks about the importance of co-ops in rural areas.

August 27, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFDTV) - RFD-TV's RURAL TOWN HALL was specifically developed to allow presidential candidates to speak to issues important to rural American voters. During a recent taping with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of Iowa's Rural Electric Co-operative asked about Graham's support for rural utility services. 

"Just ask the rural co-ops in South Carolina about Lindsey Graham," Graham said with confidence. "It's the 75th anniversary of rural co-ops.  At the end of the day, it's allowed rural America affordable power to grow our economy. So not one default. The American tax payer has been well served. Rural America has been well served. Even though it's 2015, to think that investor on utilities will go to the places that you have in Iowa, and I have in South Carolina, just not going to happen."

"I believe in rural co-ops deeply, Graham explained. "I literally was their lawyer in my home county. I understand the issues. There was a move by some people running for president to eliminate this, because it's not the proper role of government. Let me tell you the proper role of government. It's to help its people. To lend money to people who pay it back. To develop rural America, that would never get developed based on an investor owned model, in the utility area and the telephone area." 

"Look how life has changed in the last 75 years, " said Graham. "Many of you here, parents and grandparents, grew up without electricity. The rural co-ops are as important today as they were in the past, because rural America is going to get left behind if we don't nurture it."

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