EPA Over-Reach Is An Issue for Fiorina

EPA Over-Reach Is An Issue for Fiorina

Candidate Fiorina on Rural Town Hall Candidate Fiorina on Rural Town Hall

October 19, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFDTV) During RFD-TV's RURAL TOWN HALL, American voters are allowed the chance to voice questions to 2016 presidential candidates such as Carly Fiorina. Des Moines Register's, Courtney Crowder, is curious of Fiorina's views on environmental protection. 

“Part one, should the Federal Government or State Government have responsibility for environmental protection? And part two, what would you do to help improve water quality, and polluted rivers and streams?” asks Crowder. 

“So you know, of course we need to be good stewards of our planet. And of course we need to protect our environment, and our land, and our water. But on the back of that very common sense statement, more government over-reach, at both the state and the federal level, has occurred,” says Fiorina. “I think we have to go back to a basic understanding that if your livelihood, your family, your community depend upon you doing a good job, defending the water, protecting the water, protecting wildlife, protecting the quality of the air.” 

Watch Fiorina's complete answer in the video above and see how she addresses other issues important to rural Americans on RURAL TOWN HALL

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