Online Ag School Helps Another Student Succeed

Online Ag School Helps Another Student Succeed

Nelson Academy Grad Nelson Academy Grad

January 13, 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RFD-TV) – The Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online continues to instill in students the knowledge they need to pursue careers in agriculture. The nation’s first and only online middle and secondary agriculture education program provides students with courses aligned with national agriculture educational standards.

Naomi Smith, a 20 year old from an island in the Caribbean, became interested in animals and veterinary medicine at an early age. Her mother, recognizing her homeschooled daughter’s interests, geared her daughter’s education towards agriculture and veterinary medicine. Going even further, she enrolled Naomi in online courses from Nelson Academy.

“It turned out to be fabulous. I started courses my junior and senior year. I did ‘Animal Sciences’ one and two, and then I did ‘Veterinary Sciences’ one and two. I loved it. It was amazing,” said Naomi when asked about her experience with the online academy. “I learned so much about different animals, just the agriculture side of it. I didn’t get that in everyday life here and also in my other schooling. It made me realize more what I wanted to do and my passion for it.”

Naomi believes that taking courses with Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online has set her up for a successful future in the agriculture industry. She is currently majoring in neuroscience at Agnes Scott College in Decatur Georgia, and plans to have her own veterinary practice in ten years.

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