Update for Verizon FiOS TV Customers

Update for Verizon FiOS TV Customers

January 19, 2016

Dear RFD-TV Supporter,

This past Friday we delivered your letter, along with binders of letters from other RFD-TV supporters, to the New York offices of Verizon.  I personally took these to the offices of Mr. Lowell McAdams, Chairman and CEO of all of Verizon.  I am awaiting word on a reaction.

I read every letter.  These letters are unbelievably well-written, and I thank you so much for taking the time to send such sincere and moving letters of support for RFD-TV.  Everyone at RFD-TV is so thankful to be able to have the support that no other television network can enjoy.  If Verizon ignores these letters then there is something else going on here.

Many people wrote that not only will they disconnect from Verizon FiOS TV, but also change services for their Verizon land lines and wireless phones too.  Viewers are seeing this as an attack on rural, family-oriented programming and senior citizens - and they are right.  In the last year, Verizon FiOS TV canceled BlueHighways TV, Sportsmans Channel, the Outdoor Channel, and The Weather Channel WITHOUT lowering any customer's monthly bill one cent.  Verizon customers are tired of this strategy of ignoring their customers, and everyone is serious about sending Verizon a message and disconnect all Verizon products if FiOS TV drops RFD-TV on January 31.  Verizon has made it clear to me that they just do not feel that that many customers will disconnect their Verizon services.

Verizon did put out an email last week saying they are cutting RFD-TV to control costs.  This is flat out baloney.  Again, RFD-TV is only a few pennies a month (one of the lowest cable channels), and has NEVER raised rates on Verizon FiOS TV or any other cable/satellite company, and on July 14,2015 RFD-TV even offered a 25% rate reduction to FiOS TV off of our already low rates.  Verizon's explanation is ridiculous.  This is NOT one of those rate increase fights between a channel and Verizon.

We will continue to keep you informed as news develops.  Because of your letters of support, I believe that national media will soon pick up on this story.  That would be a big help.

I can assure you that we are fighting this with everything that we have available to us.  If Verizon FiOS TV drops RFD-TV, they will be the ONLY cable/satellite company to not have a contract and offer RFD-TV.

Patrick Gottsch

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