On the Road With Noble Outfitters

On the Road With Noble Outfitters

It’s 6:30 a.m. on a dark, winter morning in a small Texas town outside of Dallas. Assembling in the lobby of the hotel is the production crew from RFD-TV and Noble Outfitters. Cameras, lighting and sound equipment join the luggage bags as the crew begins the short drive to the day’s location. This early morning ritual will be repeated six times this week and 26 times over the next six months, as RFD-TV proudly presents “On the Road With Noble Outfitters.” 

Each week, “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” features one of rural America’s small-but-not-forgotten retailers – stores that have helped shape their community and provided rural Americans everything needed to manage their homes, ranches, farms and lives. These retailers were the foundation of strength for the westward expansion more than 150 years ago, and they’re just as important and relevant today as they were in the mid-1800s. 

The show’s host happens to be the founder and CEO of Noble Outfitters – Dan Costa. This is a man who began working full-time at 14 just to provide food for his family when his parents were unable to. Dedication, perseverance, hard work and sacrifice led him on a path few others could follow. 

Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for serving others led him to becoming an accomplished and successful chef, restaurant owner, produce distributor and tactical clothing retailer. Today, he’s CEO of one of America’s highest-quality outfitters that specializes in western/equine wear and things that make western and equine life so rewarding. 

Noble Outfitters’ corporate mission is simple: to provide value-priced solutions to everyday problems that rural Americans face. Many of these product innovations are featured within each show. 

Each week, Noble Outfitters and Dan introduce you to rural retailers who have dedicated their lives to serving their local community. Beyond the retail story, Dan also presents local recipes that are favorites within the community, and introduces children who are achieving their dreams at a young age in the Noble Children of Tomorrow segment. Every show is as unique as the retailers and people who manage them. 

Noble Outfitters is a value-based, family-managed company that is growing exponentially all across the country. Their success to date has been fueled by you, the RFD-TV viewer, who has supported them by viewing RURAL AMERICA LIVE this past year. Noble Outfitters appreciates the support and wanted to support the network and the dedicated viewers of RFD-TV with a program that features local retailers of Noble products. 

Most of Noble’s innovative ideas and product improvements come from their customers. The staff actively seeks comments and feedback while striving to always make things better. Each show ends with your opportunity to contact Dan directly with an idea for something new or an improvement to an existing product. What’s more, you can suggest a retailer we should feature when we head back out later this spring and summer. 

So, sit back, relax and tune in to “On The Road With Noble Outfitters,” only on RFD-TV. This new show is another reason why RFD-TV is rural America’s most important network. And you are America’s most important viewer.



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