Get Involved - Kentucky Farms to Food Banks Program

Get Involved - Kentucky Farms to Food Banks Program

A woman carrying a crate of vegetables A woman carrying a crate of vegetables

Kentucky farmers can help feed hungry Kentuckians by being involved in the Kentucky Farms to Food Banks program. Farms to Food Banks provides fresh, healthy produce to Kentuckians in need, while reducing losses for farmers. The program pays just below wholesale prices for Kentucky-grown surplus and Number 2 grade produce (perfectly edible but not saleable on the retail market) and distribute it - at no cost - to struggling Kentuckians through the food bank network.
According to the Kentucky Association of Food Banks website, farmers who might be interested in being a part should know the following facts about the program:

  • Any Kentucky farmer who grows the 25 crops included in the program may participate.
  • Maximum prices per unit are set each growing season in consultation with university specialists. The goal of the price caps is to help farmers recover losses while also providing as much healthy food as possible to struggling Kentuckians.
  • Produce auction and cooperative managers arrange for the purchase of Kentucky-grown produce from Kentucky farmers and oversee its delivery to food banks.
  • Kentucky farmers can make direct sales to the Association and will be responsible for delivering the produce to the closest food bank warehouse. Farmers are to prepare a detailed invoice including their full name and address, type of produce purchased, unit, price per unit and total due.
  • Food bank warehouse staff will forward the invoice provided by the farmer with the delivery to the Association. The Association will process payment to the farmer within 2 weeks.
  • Food banks work with partner agencies to distribute the produce to families and individuals in need.

And the program is making a huge difference in the lives of farmers and Kentuckians in need of food.  Here at the facts and figures from the Kentucky Association of Food Banks on the success of the 'Farms to Food Banks' program in 2015:

Produce purchases: $475,280
In-kind contributions: $266,810
Types of produce: 25
Number of farmer participants: 302 from 58 counties
Average paid to farmer: $1570
Max paid to farmer: $32,000
Pounds distributed to hungry Kentuckians: 2,668,100
Meals supplemented: 4,104,800
Agencies receiving produce: 533
Counties receiving produce: 120

Learn more about the program and how you can be involved by visiting:

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