Lower Egg Prices This Easter

Lower Egg Prices This Easter

Prices for eggs are lower this Easter season for a variety of reasons. Prices for eggs are lower this Easter season for a variety of reasons.

March 16, 2016

As Easter approaches, demand for eggs usually increases and prices begin to rise.  However, analysts are seeing a different trend for spring.

According to the USDA, the egg industry is not seeing the demand pressure on price that the market has seen in previous years.  Experts expected prices to be higher than average because of last year's loss of millions of birds from the avian influenza outbreak.  USDA livestock, poultry and diary analyst, Shayle Shagam says even with all the effort to rehabilitate the poultry industry, producers still haven't seen a rise in prices(see video above).

Even though production is down, there may be more eggs available than last year.  Shagam attributes the decline to more imported eggs.  When the bird flu hit, some countries stopped buying U.S. egg products which means more eggs are available in the domestic market.

Shagum says another reason for low demand could be because of higher market prices this past fall and winter.  Last week eggs averaged $1.06 per dozen, but in 2015, at the same time, prices were $1.66 per dozen.

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