Hard Red Winter Wheat Tour

Hard Red Winter Wheat Tour

May 6, 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) Crop scouts working as part of The Hard Red Winter Wheat Tour inspected fields all over Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska for four days this past week in an effort to formulate an accurate estimation of the size and quality of the coming harvest. The event is sponsored by the Wheat Quality Council, founded in 1938 with the goal of improving wheat quality.

Shawn Campbell, the West Coast Assistant for U.S. Wheat Associates reports that this year’s tour yielded much higher results than last year, and producers should therefore expect bountiful harvests this season. He also says that “considering there were fewer acres planted this year – and earlier issues related to cool wet weather – the results of this year's tour are quite surprising.”

Campbell continues, “I think everyone kind of went into it thinking we’d see a lower crop this year because of acreage being down, but personally I think yields are going to make up for a lot of that. We heard a lot of talk about possible disease because of the rain they got, but it looks like farmers really got on top of it and applied fungicides and we saw no fields that were a major issue.”

For more information, visit the Wheat Quality Council’s website:

There is also a series of brief audio digests comprised of interviews with some of the scouts as they summarize the results of each day’s findings HERE.

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