A Day in the Life of a National FFA Officer


A Day in the Life of a National FFA Officer

May 25, 2016 

RFD-TV News Team

The National FFA Organization is an inter-curricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership. The organization is an integral part of agriculture education as it helps make classroom instruction come to life through realistic hands-on applications. 

National FFA officers travel over 300 days out of the year. Eastern Region vice president, Sydney Snider, finds this to be one of the most exciting aspects of her time in office. 

"It's been a real blessing getting to see so many parts of the country," Snider said. "Being from Ohio, I had been all up and down the east coast but I had never really been farther west than Wisconsin. Getting to really see the agriculture out there and interact with the folks has been a true blessing." 

FFA's reach even extends beyond the United States. FFA National Secretary Nick Baker said that the officers made a trip to Japan last January. 

"It was an international experience focused on agriculture which was just awesome," Baker said. 

While some may assume that the FFA is an organization mainly geared towards young men, Snider said that women play a large role in FFA nationwide -- about 44% of current membership is female. 

Also, of the six national FFA officers this year, Secretary Nick Baker is the only male member. This is groundbreaking according to Snider.

"We've had four girls [in office], but never five," Snider said. "It's great to see the impact that FFA has on females and males across the country. Women really are taking advantage of that leadership opportunity in our organization and seeing the true value that agriculture can have in their lives."

Although much of his time as an FFA officer is accounted for, going to conventions and meetings across the nation and even the world, Baker, a sophomore at UTK, said he still finds time to indulge in his two favorite hobbies: playing his guitar and watching University of Tennessee Volunteer football.

Yet for Baker, the personal rewards and perspectives that being a part of FFA offers are worth all the missed game days. 

"The skills and the lessons you learn at FFA are so deeply instilled into who you are," Baker said. "The perspective on service that it offers our students is something you can't get anywhere else; not only do we educate our community and ourselves about an issue but we go out and do something about it. The one thing I'll take away from FFA is the fact that if you have the ability to serve your community then you have the responsibility to go out and make that difference."

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