Chocolate Beef?

Chocolate Beef?

June 7, 2016

RFD-TV News Team 

Have you ever dreamt about getting the nutritional value of beef wrapped up in a tasty chocolate treat? Maybe you just want to eat your two favorite foods all in one bite! 

Those dreams might become a reality. A New Zealand scientist has teamed up with Auckland Chocolate to discover a new way of adding value to beef. This new innovation will be 50 percent beef converted into chocolate covered treats.

The tasty new invention, developed with processed dairy bull meat, will add potential health benefits to the consumption of chocolate as the beef provides protein that regular chocolate lacks.

The manufacturing costs of the beef add up to $7.72 per pound. Once converted into an even more palatable dessert, the retail value is projected to be $2.50 per cube. 

This invention may take a while to reach U.S grocery stores, however. If you feel the need to satisfy your chocolate and meat cravings sooner, try this chocolate covered bacon recipe

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