Camel Farming – New Trend

Camel Farming – New Trend

Camels Camels

Wynonna and Ralph Passow, of Oklahoma, decided that raising goats was not their thing, so they decided to switch to something much different: camels.

The camels were originally used for wheat control, but they have become very profitable: camel milk is selling for $160 per gallon, and it also has many benefits. “They did a bunch of studies and it is good for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, autism – it’s just mighty, mighty powerful stuff,” says Ralph.

Ralph also has a mantra that he uses in his daily life. “My whole deal is don't get in a line,” he says. “I figure out a way to get out of the line because you’ll never be first when you’re in a line. So if you’ve got camels, there isn’t anybody in that line. Everybody’s (farming) cows or something else. And it’s just a good policy for life – don’t get in a line.”

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