Temple Grandin Speaks at KSU

Temple Grandin Speaks at KSU

Temple Grandin Temple Grandin

June 14, 2016

Kansas State University recently hosted the International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare. One of the featured speakers was Colorado State University Professor Temple Grandin, who talked about the changes in stockmanship since she first started in the business.

As Grandin said, "You manage the things you measure." She also explained how an animal's memory functions. "An animal's first experience with a new person, a new piece of equipment, or a new place should be a good first experience. Animals tend to not forget." And she added,  "Animals know intent." Getting down to the bottom line, the respected cattle professional stated succinctly why providing livestock with an environment which is as low-stress as possible is worth the extra effort and expense. "There's been a whole lot of research that shows very clearly: Animals that are afraid of people are less productive." 

Besides being a long-time professor, Grandin is also known for being a designer of livestock handling facilities located in several countries, including the U.S., Canada, and Australia.                              

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