Nobel Laureates Weigh in on GMO Debate

Nobel Laureates Weigh in on GMO Debate

Nobel Peace Center Nobel Peace Center

July 5, 2016

More than 100 Nobel Prize Winners are urging Greenpeace and groups like it to halt opposition to foods containing GMOs. The laureates say there’s scientific consensus that GMO foods are safe and can benefit society.

“Golden rice” is held forth as a perfect example of a safe GMO food. The variety has been altered to produce beta carotene and could prevent common illnesses that are related to Vitamin A deficiency. 

Greenpeace called the letter and press conference “a publicity stunt,” a claim largely due to the fact that U.S. Senate action is expected on GMO labeling this week.  

On Wednesday senators will determine if there will be a national standard for labeling GMO foods. The bill under consideration would give food makers the options to print text, affix a symbol, or embed a special digital code onto the packaging. 

The Senate likely has the votes to pass the bill. A procedural vote last week showed that the compromise legislation won over thirteen democrats who had opposed a previous labeling bill. 

Before becoming law, the measure still must pass the House, which already passed a different voluntary labeling bill last year.

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