This Cow is Having an Adorable Identity Crisis

This Cow is Having an Adorable Identity Crisis

June 7, 2016

CBS Sacramento

People have identity crises all the time: they buy expensive cars or quit their jobs and go to culinary arts school. But can cows have an identity crisis? This California bovine seems to be having just that.

Milkshake, a cow rescued from an abusive owner by The Grace Foundation, thinks she's a dog. Yes, you read that right. She thinks she's a dog, not a cow. 

Beth DeCaprio, executive director of The Grace Foundation, told CBS Sacramento that before Milkshake was rescued by the Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Northern California, she had never been around any other cows. In fact, Milkshake had never been around anyone. The 2-year-old cow had been basically living in a box –10 feet long and 10 feet wide – her whole life.

Flash forward to five years after she was rescued, Milkshake now has a little different perspective on the world.  

She hung out with the dogs, so I think that’s what she assumed — that’s what she is, more than a cow,” DeCaprio told CBS.

Since cows probably don't look in the mirror too often, Milkshake didn't notice that she was about 1,000 pounds heavier than all of her other puppy dog pals. DeCaprio said that when her friends visited the ranch, they thought it was just a neat trick; they couldn't believe that Milkshake really didn't know who she was.

“She really doesn’t know," DeCaprio said. "She was never really around another cow. We got a cow friend for her.” 

Milkshake has picked up a multitude of dog-like traits throughout her five years on the El Dorado Hills ranch. She licks herself, prefers to eat her grass out of a bowl, and even feels comfortable roaming into DeCaprio's home. 

Milkshake has formed quite a bond with DeCaprio. She follows her around, constantly trying to hop on the bed of her truck like the other dogs do. Milkshake even has attachment issues towards her human friend and rescuer. According to DeCaprio, the unique cow often gets separation anxiety when she and her family leave the ranch. 

When the media caught wind of this Hereford's odd predicament in 2014, Milkshake became everyone's favorite cow. In fact, Milkshake's identity crisis is one that we never want solved. She's just too darn cute as a cow-turned-dog. 

In honor of National Cow Appreciation Day, watch this adorable video of Milkshake that was posted on The Grace Foundation's YouTube page here.

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