Rural Roots Lead to Jericho Woods

Rural Roots Lead to Jericho Woods

Jericho Woods Jericho Woods

July 29, 2016

The road of life is seldom a straight one.  Just ask Jericho Woods lead singer Josh Mitcham.  The Kentucky native worked as an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor before committing to music full-time earlier this year. 

The band, which includes Mitcham’s cousin, Paul Priest, his high school bandmate, Dustin Spencer and friends Stan Nickell and Jory Hutchens, released their debut album, Same Ol' Dirt in spring of 2015. The album represents more than a lifelong dream.

“'Same Ol’ Dirt' has a couple meanings,” explains Mitcham. “One is that most of the guys in the band came from the same place, the same geographical area… the same dirt! The other meaning is from the title song that eludes to not being able to reap a different result from the same ol' dirt, relationship-wise.”

Mitcham and the band get their inspiration from many different influences, including classic country and bluegrass.

“We listen to everything in the van,” Mitcham explains. “But yes, we listen to a lot of traditional music: lots of bluegrass, Dwight Yoakam, Keith Whitely. We also listen to a lot of The Allman Brothers, Little Feet, and my favorite...The Foo Fighters!”

 “We have always characterized our music as rural -- rather than country,” he says. “We feel like we are offering music that speaks to a wider range of country folk than what modern country music offers. We feel like we represent rural America.”

The members of Jericho Woods embody the rural lifestyle. Mitcham lives on his family farm in his grandparent’s 100-year-old house. Priest lives on his wife's family farm and Spencer’s family are in the orchard business.  Mitcham also played at the FFA Convention in 2015 in conjunction with RFD-TV.

We caught up with Josh in our Music Row studios in Nashville to ask him a few fun, rapid-fire questions about some of the lead singer’s favorite things:

1. City or country? “Country.”

2. Football or soccer? “Football.”

3. Merle or Dolly? “Merle.”

4. Roping or riding? “Riding.”

5. Biscuits or cornbread? “Biscuits.”

6. Sweet or unsweet (Tea)? “Sweet.”

7. Boots or sneakers? “Boots.”

8. Favorite music venue? “Ryman.”

9. Last song you listened to? “Foo fighters- Congregation.”

10. Favorite holiday? “Christmas.”

11. Favorite RFD-TV and RURAL RADIO shows? “FFA Today on RURAL RADIO of course!”

Mticham confessed he does love another RFD-TV show. “My grandparents used to call me every Saturday night to ask me if I was watching the Marty Stuart Show. They thought it was fantastic, as do I.  I've always enjoyed Marty’s show. He has always been such a versatile musician and really promotes preserving the history surrounding country and traditional music.”

Jericho Woods was recently voted Best-Performing Music Group by Kentucky Living Magazine and played the 2016 CMA Fest. You can listen to more of the singer’s story on Outside the Barrel with Flint Rasmussen, Friday, July 29 at 5 PM ET and 8 PM ET, Saturday, July 30th at 8 PM ET, and Sunday, July 31st at 1 PM ET.

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