Journey to Rio

Journey to Rio

August 4, 2016

Nashville, TN

Roughly 200 horses will fly to Brazil as both human and equine athletes converge in Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games, starting this Friday and continuing until August 21st.

The flying process for equestrian passengers is more similar to humans than you might think. Horses have to go through customs. Their gear goes through TSA and gets certified so it's clear to fly, which means they've gone through a bomb chamber or a drug detection unit. Horses even have passports, just like humans.

The horses are loaded in jet stalls which can fit one to three horses, making accommodations similar to flying first class or economy. However, you won't catch an Olympic horse in economy seating (or standing). Olympic horses only fly business class with in-flight groomers and veterinarians to ensure that they stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible. In-flight dining options include hay and water with apple juice.  

But business class seats and high-end dining come at a cost. It's estimated that round trip is about $20,000 per horse from Miami to Rio, which is the route that the U.S eventing team will take to the Olympic Games. Watch more of the horses' journey to Rio this week on today's Western Sports Roundup. 

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