Calving Book App Helping Ranchers

Calving Book App Helping Ranchers

August 12, 2016

A little more than two years ago the Schlechter family had a problem that many ranchers suffer from, including Xavier Schlechter.

"We all were tired of losing the calving book, or it getting washed, or getting wrecked, or couldn't find it from the year before," explained Xavier.

So Xavier and his cousin Ellen came up with something better than paper records – The Calving Book app.

Although, with limited first-hand experience, Ellen had to look up a lot of the information that was featured, she eventually developed the software, and, five months later, the app was ready to go.

Xavier explained, "You can select different pastures, or different books, and then from there you can go in and do your preg checking records, weaning, and AI records. Then you can look at the report, which tells you how many calves you've got – as bull calves, twins, and heifer calves."

The data entry saves to the cloud. Multiple users can input data at the same time, and it features a search engine.

Ellen says that she and Xavier use teamwork to iron out problems with the app. "It's the best of both worlds: I can sit and write the app, and then he uses it everyday, so he can tell me what I should do to change it, and what would make it better. So we always have somebody testing it."

To learn more about the app click HERE.

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