Farm to Office: Indiana woman shares her journey in ag from 4-H to the Farm Bureau

Chelsea O’Brien’s agricultural journey began on her grandpa’s dairy farm. After a career in agriculture, she received the Farm Bureau’s Excellence in Ag Award and now serves as the Young Farmer Representative for Spencer County, Indiana.

Chelsea O’Brien’s agricultural journey began on her grandpa’s dairy farm.

“My ag story started on my grandpa’s dairy farm,” O’Brien said, reflecting on her roots. “My grandpa and my uncle had dairy and row crops, and my uncle and my aunt babysat me when I was little, so I was immersed in the farm lifestyle early on.”

Her connection to agriculture deepened through her involvement in 4-H and the FFA. These organizations provided her with valuable experiences and introduced her to the world of Purdue University, where she decided to pursue a career in agriculture.

After graduating from Purdue, O’Brien’s professional journey kicked off as a marketing associate at Beck’s Hybrids. She spent several years honing her skills before assuming her current role as the Marketing Communications Manager at Superior Ag.

As the Marketing Communications Manager, Chelsea plays a pivotal role in conveying the products and services offered by the cooperative. Her responsibilities extend to sharing Superior AG’s brand story with its customers and the communities they serve.

Beyond her professional life, Chelsea, along with her husband and two sons, actively tends to their home garden. They believe in teaching their children the value of raising their food, with hopes of eventually selling their produce at farmers markets.

Her connection to agriculture and her passion for the industry led her to the Farm Bureau. She initially became involved while at Purdue as a member of the Collegiate Farm Bureau group. Her journey in the Farm Bureau included representing Purdue at the National Discussion Meet in Orlando in 2010.

O’Brien’s commitment to the Farm Bureau didn’t stop there. She remained involved in Marion County for several years and is now back in her home county, Spencer County, serving as the Young Farmer Representative.

For O’Brien, the Farm Bureau is not just an organization, it is a platform for networking with fellow farmers and agricultural professionals across the state. It provides continuous learning opportunities and unique experiences that broaden her understanding of agriculture, both locally and nationally.

Her dedication to the Farm Bureau is evident in her pursuit of the Excellence in Ag Award. Her motivation is twofold: to share her own story as well as to inspire young professionals in the industry. She hopes to convey that there are myriad opportunities in agriculture beyond traditional production roles.

Looking ahead, O’Brien has ambitious goals. She aims to expand her involvement in the Farm Bureau, with her eyes set on winning a discussion meeting, a feat she has attempted several times. Additionally, she aspires to represent the Farm Bureau on a trip to Washington, D.C., where she can advocate for agricultural policies.

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