This modern day Roy Rogers grew up in a traditional ranching family in the mountains of Wyoming and knew from a young age that he wanted to help others gain knowledge and confidence to achieve a new level of horsemanship. Whether you’re an experienced horseman or just beginning training, Ken McNabb delivers quality instruction and superior training to help create a safe and respectful environment and develop a true partnership with your horse. “Discovering the Horseman Within” is a series where McNabb teaches the basics in groundwork, collection, shoulder control, sidepass, and many other techniques for horses of all ages and disciplines.

"When I (Ken McNabb) was 18, a neighboring rancher, whom I had worked for and dearly loved, had a serious horseback hunting accident that caused paralysis to his left side. To Jerry, riding was more than a way of life; it was a connection with creation, a love that gave ranching purpose. Watching Jerry's frustration was tearing the rest of us apart. His was the first horse I ever taught to lay down to allow his rider mounting access. To this day, Jerry continues to tend his cattle horseback. I love training horses, but my real passion is helping people discover the abilities already waiting within themselves. I consider myself very fortunate to make my living horseback while helping other people realize their horsemanship dreams. I hope you'll join me, along with my wife, DeeDee and our sons Kurt and Trent, as we share our world of horses with you."