In the News Meet the Man in Charge: Gary Kanofsky

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In the News Meet the Man in Charge: Gary Kanofsky


Gary Kanofsky, a native of Montreal, has had an interest in television for as long as he can remember. Gary has enjoyed a 35 year career in broadcasting, but his passion and energy is as intense as it was the day he started in television.

Early in his career, Gary spent many years producing entertainment in Hollywood, first at the local level and then as an executive producer of the network and syndicated specials. He later moved east and took on the subject of business news at CNBC. Initially, he line produced and later managed many of the network’s early morning programs. Gary then moved to London where he took on responsibility for Bloomberg’s business news line up. Upon his eventual return to the US, he was recruited by Al Jazeera America to launch that network’s morning show.

His producing track record is highlighted by commendations and accolades, the result of his creative initiative and dedication. These honors and awards include the CNBC CEO Leading Change Award, CNBC Top 5% Performer for nine consecutive years, and The McGill University Scarlet Key. Gary is well regarded for his craft as he encompasses virtually all aspects of program development, production and technology oversight.

For Gary, his parents were key motivators. Growing up, they encouraged him to identify and connect with his passion, and to be sure to stay connected to it in his studies and his work. He would often ask, “What if it isn’t the most lucrative?” His mother would respond, “Do the thing that means the most to you, and you’ll be the most fulfilled and the dividends will be worth more than anything.”

Of course she was right. Not every day is a perfect day, but Kanofsky can honestly say that working in television has been enormously fulfilling and exciting. After many years, he still feels the same wonder and joy that he did when he first discovered television.

He gives tremendous credit to his parents for steering him in the right direction, even when he was seriously contemplating other choices.

While Gary’s parents may have been the initial source of support in his career, these days he finds powerful encouragement and motivation from his own family. Gary is the father of two children, Joshua and Chayna. He has been married to his wife, Sabrina, since 1995. They celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this year. Working in Nashville, Gary is forced to explore the true meaning of “work-life balance” as he often commutes to New Jersey to see his family. However, it is his family that excites, motivates, and drives him. Gary never passes up the chance to credit his family for motivating him and allowing him to pursue his career goals.


  • Favorite band is Chicago and favorite artists are Joni Mitchell and Elton John
  • Was honored with the CEO Award at NBC for “Leading Change”
  • Most memorable moment in the TV Industry: Being backstage with MichaelJackson in his dressing room, holding “Bubbles the Chimp” while talking to Michael about Neverland Ranch.


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