2016 Presidential Candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal

2016 Presidential Candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal

This week’s RURAL TOWN HALL spotlights 2016 Presidential Candidate Governor Bobby Jindal as he addresses rural issues that matter to rural Americans. Watch clips from the show, read a complete transcript of the questions and answers and find out more about presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal below.

Food Sourcing Important to Gov. Jindal

Presidential candidate acknowledges the hard work of American farmers. Watch now. More>>

RURAL TOWN HALL: Gov. Bobby Jindal On Importance of Agriculture

Rural Town Hall in Des Moines Rural Town Hall in Des Moines

Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal shares his views on the importance of agriculture to the U.S. economy. More>>

Presidential Candidate On Healthcare in Rural Areas

Gov. Jindal shares his views on Obamacare and healthcare issues facing rural Americans. More>>

Gov. Bobby Jindal On Renewable Fuel Standard

Presidential candidate clarifies his position on renewable fuels. Find out more. More>>

Gov. Jindal Takes on the FCC

Presidential candidate answers his concerns over the FCC's regulation of the internet. Find out more. More>>

Governor Bobby Jindal Tackles Taxes and Farmers

RFD cameras broadcast Rural Town Hall with Gov. Bobby Jindal. RFD cameras broadcast Rural Town Hall with Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Passing the family farm on to future generations can be blocked by tax issues. Gov. Jindal provides his answer to this rural issue.  More>>




2016 Presidential Candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal will be our first guest on RURAL TOWN HALL. Governor Jindal is a 44 year old two-term republican governor from Louisiana. His record of public service includes two terms as a Congressman and two years as the Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for President Bush (43). A graduate of Oxford University, he and his wife live in Baton Rouge with their three children.

Find out more about Presidential Candidate
Gov. Bobby Jindal



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