Sen. Graham Wants to Use American Energy Sources

Sen. Graham Wants to Use American Energy Sources

Presidential hopeful Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to use America's energy sources. Presidential hopeful Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to use America's energy sources.

August 27, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFDTV) - During a recent taping of RFD-TV's RURAL TOWN HALL, presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham expressed his views on both domestic and international energy resources. The three-term senator from South Carolina admitted he is concerned about CO2 and climate change, but believes American natural resources are the key to a strong economy.

"I do believe that the climate is changing from CO2 admissions created by man," explained Graham. "Look at all the cars, and trucks, and all the stuff we burn. To think it doesn't have some effect, to me, really is denying pretty solid signs. But I'm not making this a religion. We have coal. Let's use it. Let's make it cleaner. We have natural gas. Let's find it. Let's export it where we can. We have oil off the coast of South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia, and other places. Georgia. Let's go out there and find it."  

And Graham went on to share his views on energy. "When it comes to energy, I'm an all-of-the-above guy. The French have about 70% of their power comes from nuclear power. Surely we can be as bold as the French. We have about 20%. I want to build more nuclear power plants. I want to use the coal we have, find the gas we own, develop the oil resources that we have an abundance. I'd build the pipeline from Canada, because buying oil from Canada is like buying it from your cousin. We'll get most of our money back in trade. If we don't buy it from Canada, they're going to sell it to China. So I believe in a strong, safe, sound environment, but not to the expense of a strong, safe, sound economy. Fossil fuels will be with us for a long time to come." 

"When we own it, let's find it" said Graham. "Let's buy it from people who like us, not hate us."

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