Rural Education Depends on Broadband

Rural Education Depends on Broadband

Jim Webb on Rural Town Hall Jim Webb on Rural Town Hall

September 24, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFDTV) - Education in rural areas is a top concern for some voters  - including younger voters. During a RURAL TOWN HALL taping with presidential hopeful Jim Webb, he was asked about the obstacles rural schools encounter.

Michael Tupper, the President of the Iowa FFA Association asked "From your perspective, what are the unique challenges facing our rural schools and what would you do to address those challenges?"

Webb discussed the struggle rural Americans have always faced in terms of infrastructure limitations and the programs such as the TVA which helped bring electrical power to rural communities. 

"It's always been a struggle," said Webb. "On the one hand, it's contributed to the strong individualism and a sense of get it done that the rural communities have, but they end up affecting some of the advances, where we need to get out there.  Broadband is such a key."

"One of the first earmarks I was able to get for our Virginia constituents, " Webb added, "was a $6,000,000 earmark to put broadband back into these rural areas so they could compete with everyone else in terms of getting information and these sorts of things."

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