Joe King, Meteorologist

Joe King, Meteorologist

Joe King, Meteorologist Joe King, Meteorologist

For Joe King, coming to the Market Day Report on RFD TV meant going full-circle. He’s the descendent of farmers in Kings Mills, Ohio. (“For decades it was corn and soybeans as far as the eye could see,” he says.) As a child he moved with his family to Hendersonville, Tennessee and has been a resident of the Nashville area ever since. Joe has a long career in Nashville broadcasting. Before that he was the drummer in the legendary 80’s rock band Government Cheese.  With a couple of videos on MTV, and a truck full of equipment, he traveled the country. (They still perform occasionally and recently released their first new record in 23 years.)

His next step was a 20 year broadcasting career, and it was during that time, he started flying.  Earning all his ratings and becoming a flight instructor led to a job as a Corporate pilot.  That was when he fell in love with weather. Joe received his undergraduate degree at Western Kentucky University, and his weather certification from Penn State, and Mississippi State University.

“It is with immense respect and gratitude, that I have the honor to forecast the weather with the same intensity that my family put into our farm.  Telling the story of the American farmer ‘grows on you,’ and I’m very blessed to be on Rural America’s Most Important Network, and thankful to be a part of our viewers daily lives on RFD TV.”

Joe serves as a Lay Eucharistic Minister in his church, and has been married 19 years with two teenage sons, who think he would be cooler had he invented Playstation.

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