Check Out All the Athletes at THE AMERICAN

Check Out All the Athletes at THE AMERICAN

February 26, 2016

THE AMERICAN presented by Polaris RANGER is the world's richest one-day rodeo event with a purse of $2.4 million dollars.  This world-class event naturally attracts top talent.  From established world champions to talented amateurs, the list of athletes competing on Sunday, February 28, 2016 is extensive.  Check out the complete list below and click their names to read brief biographies on each.  And be sure to tune in to THE AMERICAN on Sunday on RFD-TV.  The pre-show starts at 2:00 PM ET and all the action kicks-off at 3:00 PM ET.


  • 2016 Athletes Alphabetically by Last Name

A Angelle, Dustin
Armes, Bray
Aus, Tanner

B Barichello, Kelli
Barnes, Jake
Begay, Derrick
Bradshaw, CoBurn
Braman, Daniel
Branquinho, Luke
Brazile, Trevor
Breuer, Ty
Brockman, Seth
Brown, Jake
Brown, Luke
Burks, Jacob
Byrne, Tanner

C Carlisle, Randall
Casper, Wyatt
Cassidy, Cody
Cervi, Sherry
Conrado, Ivy
Cooper, Clay O’Brien
Cooper, Tuf
Corkill, Jade
Crawley, Jacobs
Cure, Hunter

D Davis, Cooper
DeMoss, Cody
DeMoss, Heith
Dent, Steve
de Oliveria, Wallace
Diaz, Isaac
Dick, Rylee Jo
Diedrich, Derek
Dunbar, Jessica
DuPerier, Callie
Durfey, Tyson

E Eaves, Paul
Egusquiza, Manny
Eldridge, Dakota
Elliott, Clay
Erickson, Ty

F Feild, Kaycee
Foss, Austin

G Ganter, Jackie
Graves, Lee
Graves, Travis

H Hannum, Olin
Harris, Jace
Harris, J.W.
Hass, Clayton
Herrin, Hunter
Hunter, Nancy

J Jacob, Taylor
Jayne, Evan
Jones, K.C.

K Ketcham, Sabrina
Kelly, Dugan
Key, David
Kichenschlager, Dakota
Koontz, Kory
Kruse, Cassidy

L Landingham, RC
Laughlin, Braxton
Lawrence, Stetson
Laye, Clint
LeMond, JoJo
Lewis, Monty
Lockhart, Lisa
Long, Jake
Lovell, Colby
Lowe, Mason
Lowe, Will

M Maass, Justin
Guillerme, Marchi
Martin, Casey
Masters, Chad
Matthews, Cooper
Mauney, JB
McDonald, Sarah Rose
McLeod, Michele
Meeks, Jeremy
Milan, Tanner
Moore, Timber
Morgan, McKenzie
Mote, Bobby
Motes, Ryan
Muncy, Taos

N Nelson, Tyler
Nogueira, Junior

O O’Connell Tim

P Pacheco, Kaique
Palermo, Robson
Peebles, Steven
Petska, Cory
Proctor, Coleman

R Robinson, Pistol
Roche, Baylor
Rogers, Erich

S Santos, Taylor
Schaper, Nathan
Scheer, Cort
Sears, Lindsay
Shafer, Ashley
Shafer, Justin
Shiozawa, Matt
Skelton, Rich
Smidt, Caleb
Smith, Clay
Smith, Patrick
Smith, Sterling
Smothers, Mary
Solomon, Cory
Sonnier, Joey
Suhn, Todd
Sundell, Wade

T Taylor, Fallon
Triplett, Matt
Tryan, Clay
Tsinigine, Aaron

V Vick, Blaine
Vieira, Joao Ricardo
Vieira, Fabiano
Vold, Jake
VonAhn, Kollin

W Ward, Andrew
Whitfield, Fred
Williams, Chase
Wright, Rusty
Wright, Jake

Y Yates, Marty
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