Get Un-Stuck with TigerTail

Get Un-Stuck with TigerTail

TigerTail Tow System is a versatile ATV accessory for the farm and ranch. It mounts using your receiver and constant tension on the line keeps it from getting tangled. Its quick to use and stores itself. Get Hooked at

What is a TigerTail? 

TigerTail is an ATV retractable tow system and fans think it's superior to a tow strap and wicked fast compared to any electric winch. 

How Does it Work?

The TigerTail does not use any electronics that burn out! Its mechanical retraction mechanism makes it simple and reliable.  Having the system integrated into the machine means it's never left behind and lets the operator use the ATV's motor, weight and tires to pull what you want, where you want it. 

How It Helps

The TigerTail AT rope has an average break strength of 8000 lbs which means that its "working load" is about 1600 lbs (working load = 1/5 of average break strength of a rope/ strap). The TigerTail UT rope has an average break strength of 12000 lbs which means that its "working load" is about 2400 lbs. As long as you do not exceed the working load of the rope while its in a good condition, it will not break. The rope stretches a few to several inches when fully loaded, so it will have a little "stored energy" to yank (or snatch) the stuck vehicle out. As with any tow rope, for safety we recommend that no vehicle exceeds 5mph when towing.

The TigerTail rope is a high tenacity polyester (fully synthetic so it will not rot) single braid which offers a single end per carrier construction to keep the rope from flattening out in service. The rope has a proprietary coating made up of urethane. Rope has minimal stretch at working load limit. 7/16" and 1/2" rope strength is approximately 8000 & 12000 lbs respectively.

Fans of TigerTail enthusiastically share their testimonials on their website.  Below is an excerpt from one such fan..

"I first had the Tiger Tail demonstrated to me, live in the woods when I needed help. So, I bought one. As an older man with arthritis, I simply back up to the person needing a tow or tug out of the mud, they grab my Tiger Tail and attach it to their ATV. No muss, no fuss! I'm seriously thinking of installing another in the front of my ATV where my radiator was before I relocated it to my front rack." -  Robert D. in North Carolina

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