FarmHer: Changing Your Perspective

FarmHer: Changing Your Perspective

Blog excerpt provided by FarmHer.  FarmHer is more than a website; it is an online community built just for women in agriculture.  This digital movement is working to change the way people perceive a farmer by sharing the stories of the women who live and lead in agriculture. 

Changing Your Perspective -- Lifting Up Others

I woke up about 6am worrying about everything I needed to do.  I had a sick little girl at home and needed to get her to the doctor as she's been fighting a fever for a few days.  I had a little boy that wouldn't stop asking who's picking him up at school that day because every day is a little different than the one before.  I had a sock-stealing puppy trying to get my attention.  I was out of coffee and milk. I had a conference call at 9 and about a gazillion emails piled up, not to mention the ever-growing to-do list.  We ran to the walk-in clinic.  We barely made it to get my little boy at school, then stopped at the store for coffee and milk. Then I dropped them both at grandma's for the rest of the day because I was headed to the airport to get on a plane to Michigan. 

As I sat and felt overwhelmed I was reminded of my blessings and decide to turn my thoughts around...

 I HAVE RESOURCES to take my little girl to the doctor and get her the medicine she needs.  

I HAVE ACCESS to a great school for my little boy.  

I HAVE JOY with a puppy that makes us all smile a little more. 

I HAVE FOOD to eat for breakfast.  

I HAVE TECHNOLOGY in my phone and computer.

I HAVE TRANSPORTATION to get me where I need to go.  

I GET TO TRAVEL around the country making new friends and having new adventures.  

I OWN a small business. 


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