RFD-TV On-Air Talent Honor Their Mothers

RFD-TV On-Air Talent Honor Their Mothers

We asked some of our on-air talent to tell us about their moms ahead of Mothers Day. Here’s what they had to share:


Joe King

“Jan’s a gal, tiny and sweet, always a pal, and always neat!”

That was written in my Mom’s yearbook in high school. My Mother, Janice King, is the sweetest woman on earth. She was a lifetime nurse, serving in the emergency room and later in administration. If someone were sick in our neighborhood they would have a pot of soup at their doorstep, and listening ears from my Mom. She worked a full-time job, made great dinners every night, and ran an immaculate house. I have never heard my Mom complain raising three kids. She is still full of energy, and now one fantastic Grandma to my two teenage boys.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has loved me forever, my Mom!


Mark Oppold

It seemed like mom was always baking, either for the family, or friends. I am one of eight children, and we always ate our meals together – and they were three full meals each day! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were three-course meals every day, so mom spent a lot spent a lot of time in the kitchen. And when she wasn’t baking for us, she was making desserts for the Women’s Club, or funeral dinners, or the Knights of Columbus.

My mother was 100% Irish, and my love of speaking and singing came from her. She loved to listen to me sing at musicals, and when my broadcasting career started, she was my biggest fan. She was dad’s messenger after school. She would have a list of chores or fieldwork dad needed us to do during planting or harvest season when we got off the bus.


Christina Loren

My Mother is the person I look up to more than anyone in the world. She is strong, kind, and has taught me the importance of believing in myself as well as believing in others. God blessed me with an amazing Mom and I am incredibly grateful for my relationship with her, especially as the years pass by.


Marlin Bohling

My mother was the stereotypical German farm wife. She worked hard from sunup to sundown – never shying away from tough physical work whether it was in the field, in the garden, or helping with the livestock. She was most content, though, when working in the kitchen where she loved to cook and bake every day for hours on end. Her trademark was to make sure everyone who came to visit had something to eat before they left. She was insulted if they wouldn’t stay to at least have lunch with us and she would playfully badger visitors until they relented and agreed to stay for a while. Of course, what she told them would be a small lunch would always turn out to be a large meal complete with desserts, etc. 
She was always very active in our local church, always loved to laugh, had an ornery sense of humor, and derived the greatest pleasure from making people around her happy. She always saw to it that our whole family had plenty to eat, had clean pressed clothes to wear, and that we learned how to live life and treat people the right way. She was a guiding light and an inspiration to our whole family.  We all miss her deeply.

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