Alltech Conference Guests Transported to the Future of Ag

Alltech Conference Guests Transported to the Future of Ag

May 24, 2016

Imagine a planet without a shortage of food. Instead, the fields are full of healthy crops and technology helps more crops grow. Animals produce more than ever before. That is the vision of the future of agriculture that Alltech is presenting at its Alltech ONE Vision Conference. Attendees are taken on a worldwide tour, from Asia to Africa, in the year 2050 – all without leaving the conference headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. The goal of this visionary presentation is to foster the realization that this bountiful existence envisioned for tomorrow is within our grasp – if we make the right choices and decisions today: “A future of plenty is ours if individuals, the private sector, agriculture, and governments make meaningful choices today that harness the power of technology, conserve resources and encourage innovation.”

Ridley Nutrition Services is one of the participating organizations at the event. Dan Dhuyvetter, the Director of Marketing at Ridley Nutrition Services and a speaker at the conference, explains his company’s emphasis on sustainable pastureland management for beef production. “The land resource, particularly with grazing animals, is the largest resource base that they use in terms of their nutrition programs. So, it’s very important to make sure that we utilize that resource very conservatively.” As part of his “Building Blocks for Better Beef Production” presentation, he highlights the use of new technologies for delivering supplemental nutrients to improve the efficiency of beef production, which helps maintain the health of the cattle – and the quality of the beef – while minimizing the potential for strain on the pastureland resource.

Mark Lyons, the global vice president of AllTech, flew in for the conference from his new home in China. In that part of the world, air pollution is a hot topic. Lyons is optimistic that the eastern hemisphere is headed in the right direction to help the agriculture in those areas. One way that China’s government is stepping in to save the agriculture is by shutting down farms in highly populated areas and moving them.

Lyons has seen the conference grow firsthand. “It has transformed from biotechnology in the feed industry to really an adult leadership visionary event,” he says.

David Hunt, the CEO and Founder of Cainthus, a company that specializes in livestock and crop analytics, discusses what the digital revolution means for farmers. The most significant trend he has seen recently is that more and more farmers are using drones and other new digital technologies to evaluate crop health. Hunt says that the real value of these technological innovations and the data they generate is that farmers can easily share this data with each other, to the overall benefit of agricultural efforts on a larger scale.

Water conservation is an area of expertise for Nicolas Body, the Alltech Crop Science European Technical Manager. He says that there are different ways of finding the solution to a growing population and a trickling water supply, but it all comes down to using the water efficiently.

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