The GMO Label Debate Continues

The GMO Label Debate Continues

June 16, 2016     

Food groups debate whether on-package language or Q.R. Codes are the way to go with G.M.O. labeling. The Coalition for Safe, Affordable Food is open to a mandatory labeling deal, if Q.R. codes and other labeling disclosure methods could be used.

However, Groups like the Center for Food Safety think on-package language is the only solution. They say that since Q.R. codes need to be scanned, this method could deny equal access to those in rural areas who may not have the internet.

Lawmakers have a limited time to decide on the issue and the National Council of Farm Cooperatives wants you to urge a quick solution.

Lisa Kelly, from the NCFC Office of Government Affairs, urges, "Don't let them (the government) take a pass on this issue. Hold their feet to the fire. Express that urgency, because it is a bit of a now or never solution."

Only a handful of days remain before Congress goes into recess for the July 4th holiday. The state of Vermont has already enacted a law of its own requiring mandatory G.M.O. labeling. That law goes into effect on July 1st.

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