Flint Rasmussen

Flint Rasmussen

Known as the most famous barrelman in the sport of rodeo, Flint Rasmussen regularly entertains thousands of PBR fans with physical stunts, dances, and jokes during lulls in the competition. Rasmussen often works to include local and national topics into his routine. His 2016 tribute to the late artist Prince was a big hit with crowds, but references a range of topics like Michael Jackson, the Lord of the Dance, the Titanic and more on a regular basis.

His career started at the tender age of 19 after a friend challenged him after bragging that he could do better (than other rodeo clowns). He slapped on some face paint, blew up a fake outhouse, and the rest is history. Now 30 years later, the award-winning entertainer is still charming crowds as PBR’s official barrelman. And his ongoing art of improvisation and humor seems to come naturally. But Flint says he still gets nervous from time to time. “Actually, you should get nervous,” said Rasmussen. “If you don’t have a little nervousness or excitement you should be doing something else. If that goes away, it just becomes like a normal job.”

Born and raised in Montana he grew up around western sports. Flint gives credit to his rodeo announcer dad, Stan, for some of his skills. “My dad taught me about when the show is mine and when it’s not.” He grew up participating in sports, theatre, and music which he credits as an early training ground for his current profession.

When Flint isn’t on the dirt, he spends time working on his weekly radio show, “Outside the Barrel,” on RURAL RADIO Channel 147 on SiriusXM. Flint has banked thousands of interviews with athletes, country stars, actors, and comedians on his weekly show and the live version in Las Vegas each December, during the WNFR. Rasmussen said some of his most memorable interviews have included Larry the Cable Guy, Taylor Swift, and Luke Bryan. But one of his biggest moments came when Justin McBride brought legendary country artist and rodeo clown, Moe Bandy, onstage to help him sing “Bandy the Rodeo Clown.”

“I love to give listeners the chance to learn the personalities of athletes, musicians, and comedians that they might not have known before.”

Hear more from Flint on “Outside the Barrel,” on RURAL RADIO Channel 147 on SiriusXM Fridays, at 5 p.m. ET and Sundays at 1 p.m. ET. “Best of Outside the Barrel” airs Tuesday thru Thursday at 5 p.m. ET. Get the full schedule at ruralradio147.com.   

Rapid Fire Questions with Flint:

Q: Coffee or tea?

A: Coffee

Q: Boots or sneakers?

A: “Boots to look good. Sneakers if I’m working out.”

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Hoosiers

Q: Dolly or Merle?

A: Merle

Q: Favorite Rodeo Event to Watch?

A: Steer Wrestling

Q: Favorite food?

A: Italian, Mexican, and a good burger.

Q: Favorite vacation spot?

A: I wish! Loved Maui a few years ago. I love sitting in the sun, with a drink, in the bleachers of a major league baseball game.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A: A glass of red wine in the evening with nothing left to do but visit and think.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about summer?

A: Montana mornings. Going to rodeos and just being behind the scenes.

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