FFA Contest Winners Headed to Convention

FFA Contest Winners Headed to Convention

October 14, 2016

The 89th Annual National FFA Convention and Expo kicks-off Wednesday (Oct. 19) in Indianapolis and one of the conventions biggest supporters is the casual restaurant chain, Culver's.

Recently, Culver’s held their 2nd Annual FFA Essay Contest whose winners received $7,500 to bring their chapter to the National FFA Convention and Expo.  The essay prompted students to write 1,000 words on how they see modern technology impacting the agriculture industry today, and what it means for the future of agricultural production. 

This year’s winners include Wyatt Neal of Parma FFA in Idaho, Hannah Stokan of Seven Lakes FFA in Texas, and Sierra Wiles of Riverton Parke FFA in Indiana. 

Wyatt Neal’s inspiration for agriculture came from his grandfather, who started a farm on his own over 70 years ago.  Neal pointed out that agricultural technology has taken great strides since then, shifting from horse-drawn tools to big machinery, allowing farmers to drastically increase their yield and productivity. 

Hannah Stokan used her 1,000 words to point out that new developments in agriculture technology leads to new applications in each field, as well as an increase for new career opportunities.  She fell in love with science at a young age, and has been interested in finding ways to apply its methods to agricultural production.  After high school, Hannah plans to go on to college where she wants to participate in genetic engineering research of plant DNA, looking for ways to maximize production and help revolutionize agriculture in our ever-growing world. 

Sierra Wiles discussed how advancing agricultural technology provides a safer work environment, as well as an increase in field productivity.  She has been a member of the Riverton Parke FFA Chapter for 2 years, and without the prize money, they would likely not be able to travel to the convention.

Culver’s is a huge supporter for the National FFA as they depend on family farms to grow and produce the food they proudly serve.  From the dairy farms of Wisconsin to the chicken coops of Georgia, it is imperative to Culver’s that farm families across the nation know how thankful they are for their hard work and dedication.

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