Feb. 22, 2018

RFD-TV's The American presented by DISH gives rodeo athletes a chance at a million dollars and the opportunity to make dreams come true.  And sometimes those dreams get a second chance. This year marks the first time The American implemented the Buy Back program, where ropers and riders who did not make the cut after their slack event, could give it another run.

The results were as exciting as fans could have hoped for with some of the fastest times recorded.  Athletes who advanced via the Buy Back will now compete against those athletes who qualified during their slack events, rounding out the number of contestants all trying to make it to Sunday's THE AMERICAN and the world's richest one-day rodeo event.

Below is the list of athletes advancing through the Buy Back program and their scores.  Use the links below to see how they ranked in the overall slack results.

  1. Brandon Cullins - A Cornerstone  - 13.523
  2. Troy Crumrine - Ima Frenchmans Princess - 13.685
  3. Ari-Anna Flynn - Sunny Two Socks - 13.693
  1. Cody Craig - 15.45 on a two head average
  2. Clif Cooper - 15.46 on a two head average
  1. Billy Bob Brown (Header) Hunter Koch (Heeler)  - 17.67 on a three head average
  1. Kyle Whitaker - 9.07 on a two head average
  2. Shane Frey - 9.23 on a two head average