October 27, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) President Trump addressed attendees of the 91st National FFA Convention this afternoon, the first President to do so in person since President George H. W. Bush addressed the delegates at the 64th National Convention in 1991.

Following extended opening remarks regarding the tragic shooting that happened this morning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the President touched upon other points of interest for those present, including trade, foreign policy, inheritance taxes, and excessive government regulation. Regarding trade, the President assured farmers that, despite the rough road they have endured through the turmoil of this past year, recent developments and new trade deals hold the promise of much better days ahead for the agriculture industry – and for American industry in general.

Addressing his audience directly, the President lauded the efforts of the more than 600,000 FFA members across the nation, and praised the strength and virtues of the farming community:

“No one is better prepared to live the American dream than the young Americans here today. You are amazing people. Your time with the FFA – in the field, on the farm, in the lab, and in the classroom – has not only prepared you for a stellar, great career in something you love, it has taught you essential truths about life and about the world in which we live. You know that success only comes through hard work and perseverance. You know that very well. You know that nothing compares to the satisfaction of an achievement earned and built with your own sweat, your own skill, and with your own two hands. You know that. And you know that Just One person, taking one step, seizing one opportunity, can change a life, change a community, or even change the world forever.”

Before exiting the stage, President Trump also invited the four winners of this year's FFA American Star Award to the stage and shook their hands, praising them for their achievements as representative of the hard work and innovative spirit displayed by all of America’s farmers.

Watch President Trump’s address in its entirety above.

The President's address, as well as the General Sessions and other noteworthy events from the 91st National FFA Convention, were broadcast in full right here on RFD-TV, and also on RURAL RADIO Channel 147 on SiriusXMThe Cowboy Channel, and Country Club