Dr. Ali Cadili:the Surgeon who is Bringing Cutting Edge Surgery

Dr. Ali Cadili:the Surgeon who is Bringing Cutting Edge Surgery in Western Canada


For patients in the Five Hills Health Region requiring gall bladder surgery, a new technique being pioneered by local surgeon Dr. Ali Cadili is set to make a difference both to the amount of pain they experience and eliminating any visible scarring. For patients like Jacqueline Geis, this technique has already made a difference. When asked about the incision area, Jackie says, while showing her stomach, "there is nothing there, you can't even tell! I still have my girlish figure!"

Traditional practice vs Dr. Ali Cadili’s technique

Traditional gall bladder removal was considered a fairly major surgery requiring a 6-inch incision followed by a 1 week stay in the hospital. The size of the incision meant patients experienced significant pain in their recovery, frequently had post-operative complications such as hernias or bowel obstructions, and were left with a sizeable scar following their surgery. In more recent years, the onset of laparoscopic surgery techniques replaced the long single incision with 4-5 smaller incisions as entry ports for laparoscopic instruments and resulted in shorter hospital stays, less pain for patients in recovery, and significantly improved cosmetics, with just 4-5 small scars. Since then, a technique referred to as a Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) has developed, replacing the 4-5 incisions with a single 2cm incision in the umbilicus. This technique has been successful with patients, resulting in faster patient recovery and fewer post-operative complications.

Dr. Cadili is the pioneer in Western Canada

This field continues to advance though, and Dr. Cadili is a pioneer in Western Canada, moving forward with a `modified' SILS. While the technique has not yet caught on in the medical community, Dr. Cadili sees it as a major improvement in the field. "As far as I know, we're the only ones who have done this in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba — perhaps further. This is relatively new, but what has been proven is that patients experience less post-operative pain and have virtually no scarring since the single incision is hidden in the umbilicus. What we believe and are studying as we go is that there will be less post-operative complications with things like hernias or bowel obstructions which are problems for the patient and become future drains on our system."

Benefit of SLS technique

When asked what the benefit is with the modified SILS technique vs SILS, Dr. Cadili says, "with SILS a specialized port is needed which adds expense to the procedure. In addition, this port requires a 2 cm. Whereas modified SILS only requires a 1 cm incision thus minimizing pain, visible scar, risk of future hernias, and possibly bowel obstruction."

Success so far

Dr. Cadili has completed 4 of these surgeries at MJUH and has worked with a local colleague, Dr. Cheddie, to complete another. Patients have been very happy with the results. Jackie says the surgery didn't set her back, "I was back in saddle, barrel racing, 8 days later."

'Sooner, safer, smarter' technique by Dr. Ali Cadili

FHHR Senior Medical Officer Dr. Fauzi Ramadan says this kind of pioneering needs to be recognized. "We talk about 'sooner, safer, smarter' surgeries in the province and this is an example of the kind of work hap-pening in our region to help us accomplish that. The technique Dr. Cadili is advancing is, we believe, safer for our patients in terms of post-operative complications, smarter in terms of the minimization of scarring and post-operative pain, and being able to do this in day surgery with minimal post-operative recovery needs allows us to accommodate patients sooner in our system."

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