August 9, 2019

A Reddit user recently prompted folks to post their best Dad jokes. The responses, as curated by BuzzFeed actually include some real gems. 

Just a sampling:

At the park with my girls: "Dad, can we go play?"
Me: "Sure, just stay away from those trees over there."
Girls: "Umm...OK, why?"
Me: "I don't know...they look a little shady to me."

Dad: "Look at that flock of cows over there."
Kids: "A HERD of cows."
Dad: "Of course I heard of cows, there is a flock of them right over there."

"I haven't been to the gym in so long I've gone back to calling it James."

"Are you feeling cold? Sit in the corner, it is 90 degrees."

Dad: "Did you know that the people living nearby actually can't be buried in that cemetery."
Kid: "Why?"
Dad: "Because they're not dead yet."

Check out the full list HERE.