The National Corn Growers Association praised the Trump Administration today for directing the EPA to follow the letter of the law and keep the Renewable Fuel Standard whole, the organization said in a release Friday. 

“We’re very grateful the President listened to our concerns and is upholding his commitments to put the RFS back on track,” NCGA President Kevin Ross said. “Corn farmers weren’t shy in telling the President that the impact of these waivers would lead to significant consequences for farmers, folks working at ethanol and biodiesel plants, and the countless other rural jobs that depend on this market.”

The NCGA said that corn farmers had previously come under attack from big oil and EPA after it had reduced corn demand for ethanol 

According to the release, the NCGA felt RFS and corn farmers had repeatedly come under attack from big oil and the EPA. Part of the reasoning was because of the most recent approval of 31 additional RFS exemptions for oil companies, which the NCGA said reduced corn demand for ethanol and increased total waived biofuels demand to 4.04 billion gallons.

“The President is finally telling the EPA that enough is enough, they must follow the law, and we appreciate that,” Ross said. “NCGA is thankful to our elected Senators, Representatives, Governors and other state lawmakers who consistently pressed the Administration to find a real solution to the harm caused by refinery waivers. A special thanks to USDA Secretary Perdue who continues to be an outspoken advocate on this issue and for farmers. We stand ready to work with them to ensure these commitments are finalized.”