An estimated 10,000 French farmers took to the nation's highways, tractors and all, to "show their exasperation." The French farmers wanted more consideration, less distortions of competition and no unfair agreements. 

The protest stemmed from a call to action from the Young Farmers and the FNSEA (National Federation of Agricultural Holders' Unions).

"The mobilization was total to show our exasperation," FNSEA President Christiane Lambert said in a translated statement. "More than 10,000 farmers mobilized, 100 percent of departments in action, 6,000 tractors left. The agricultural world is standing up to defend the agriculture that the French want. " The FNSEA said its next call to action will for consumer surveys with the JA and FNSEA network controlling the labeling of products. 

The FNSEA also shared a tweet Tuesday which translates to: 

"10,000 agris mobilized, 6,000 tractors and 100 blocking points. Our networks have @JeunesAgril and @FNSEA in action to testify our exasperation. The mobilization is total! It is urgent that politicians and consumers hear our distress. #Saveyourcountry."