As the organization does every year, the top FFA chapters received the Model of Excellence and Premier Chapter awards at the National Convention. 

Overall, 45 chapters competed in a presentation and interview process to see who received the top honors. 

"These chapters actively implement the mission and strategies of the organization and improve chapter operations that emphasize leadership, community service and agriculture," according to the FFA. 

The 2019 Model of Excellence award went to Covington-UVCC of Ohio. The chapter wanted to lower stress in its student body and offered four "de-stressalizer" activities throughout the school year. It also highlighted post-high school opportunities and had a top-notch Harvest Day.

The Premier Chapter award winners were Waterloo FFA (Illinois), Troy FFA (Missouri) and Edmond FFA (Oklahoma). 

Waterloo FFA received the Growing Leaders award for its effort to create a workout video that promoted the mental and physical well-being of elementary students, Troy FFA was recognized for Building Communities because of its #SignOneSaveMany campaign to promote organ donation. In total, they signed up more than 1,000 people to become organ donors thanks to social media and presentations. Finally, Edmond was the Strengthening Agriculture Winner for creating the "Ag in the Airwaves" podcast. 

Additionally, the Middle School Model of Excellence Winner was Commerce Middle School of Georgia. The students hosted an eat, meet and greet event to allow parents and community members to learn more about the program.