A Christmas tree farm in Waterloo, Wisconsin plans to donate all of the proceeds from this year's tree sale to the family of a 3-year-old with leukemia. 

“We give these gifts because this is what we were taught to do,” said Kassidy Hege, the co-owner of Hege Family Farm in an interview with NBC15. “That's what God teaches us too, is that you are going to give, and you necessarily don't need to receive what you've given. He'll bless us in different ways.”

Stehrling Tabor, the boy who's family is receiving the money, was diagnosed  in July. 

“I know that they have benefitted our family financially, but also they are thinking about Stehrling every time that they look at their Christmas tree in their home,” Sterling's mother Jade said. “That means more than I could ever express.”

Hege Family Farm made about $2,500 this year in sales.