A man in Central Texas has found another use for used Christmas trees to make sure they do not go to waste, he turns them into canes for his fellow veterans. 

Jamie Willis, the founder of Canes for Veterans Central Texas, makes all of the canes himself either through donations or out of his own pocket. 

According to KXXV, Willis has made more than 200 canes since 2016. 

Willis says with Christmas tree donations help him make even more canes. 

Since the story received national attention, Willis has received more than 1,000 trees, which volunteers helped him unload. A local Home Depot even chipped in all of their leftover trees. 

In addition to helping unload the trees, several veterans helped Willis trim them to be turned into canes. 

"Thank you everyone so much for your interest in donating trees and giving kindness however we have a mass amount of trees and are running out of room however when we strip the trees and move them around we will be in contact with those who have wanted to donate we do take monetary donations and donations of tools and such I have listed the specifics in a previous post and it will also be listed in the comments as well. Thank you again," Willis shared on Facebook. 

If you don't have a tree you can donate to the cause here.