As part of National Biotechnology Month, the USDA, FDA and EPA launched a website for that outlines a comprehensive Federal regulatory policy for ensuring the safety of biotechnology products.

"The goal of the Coordinated Framework is to ensure public confidence in the regulatory system and improve transparency, predictability, coordination, and, efficiency of the biotechnology regulatory system," the Unified Website states. 

"Agricultural biotechnology has been and will continue to be an essential tool in helping America's farmers and ranchers feed, fuel, and clothe the world," U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said. "From producers to consumers, all Americans deserve a government that delivers science-based, common-sense regulations that foster innovation, conserve resources, and protect public health-especially when it comes to the food supply.....The launch of this unified Biotechnology Regulation website is proof of President Trump's commitment to provide the American people with sensible regulations in a clear and transparent manner."

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said the new website would help provide regulatory clarity for America's farmers and reduce unnecessary regulations for biotechnology products. 

"This is a time of unprecedented scientific innovation. Agricultural biotechnology promises to bring dynamic new products to the marketplace," added FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, "At the FDA, we are committed to fostering flexible, risk-based approaches in this field while upholding our mission of protecting and promoting both human and animal health and animal well-being, for example by reducing their susceptibility to diseases like novel influenzas and resistance to zoonotic or foreign animal diseases."