Endangered Species Act

Upcoming changes to the EPA’s pesticide labeling system aim to avoid blanket use restrictions that impact all farmers and increase safety for endangered species.
Subcommittee on Water, Wildlife and Fisheries held a legislative hearing on House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Bruce Westerman’s (R-Ark.) bill, the America’s Wildlife Habitat Conservation Act.
The Center for Biological Diversity launched a map project to reduce pesticide use near endangered species habitats. However, there are some concerns over the accuracy of the maps.
A landmark agreement aimed at salmon restoration and clean energy projects along the Snake River is facing intense scrutiny and opposition from the agricultural industry.
Updated Dicamba information is the topic of today’s Firm to Farm blog post by RFD-TV’s agri-legal expert Roger McEowen with the Washburn School of Law.
Colorado conservation groups are upping the ante to protect the gray wolf, filing a lawsuit to re-list the species under the Endangered Species Act after the US Wildlife Service denied their initial petition.
The Center for Biological Diversity filed a suit saying that the USFWS was not complying with the Endangered Species Act when it approved six pesticide registrations.