“Firm to Farm,” the RFD-TV Business Blog by agri-legal expert Roger McEowen, dives into the agricultural law and business taxation topics important to American farmers.
The meaning of a “double-fraction” clause and the impact on future oil and gas conveyances—that is the topic of today’s blog post by RFD-TV Agril-Legal expert Roger McEowen.
In today’s blog post by RFD-TV agri-legal expert Roger A. McEowen tackles the task of building a solid hunting use agreement.
Acquiring farm or ranch land, as well as the key concepts and issues are the topics of today’s blog post by RFD-TV Agri-legal Expert Roger McEowen.
Secured Transactions
What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of the split-interest transaction? And what are the rules when property that was acquired in a split-interest transaction is sold? That is the topic of today’s blog post by RFD-TV Agri-Legal Expert Roger McEowen.
A split-interest transaction involves one party acquiring a temporary interest in the asset (such as a term certain or life estate), with the other party acquiring a remainder interest. That is the topic of today’s Firm to Farm blog post by RFD-TV Agrilegal Expert Roger A. McEowen.
The “farm products rule,” and the 1985 Farm Bill modification and its application – that is the topic of today’s blog post from Agri-Legal Expert Roger McEowen.
What is “gross income from farming” for purposes of Chapter 12 (farm) bankruptcy – that is the topic of today’s Firm to Farm blog post by Roger McEowen.
Today’s blog post by RFD-TV Agri-Legal Expert Roger McEowen takes a look at the “preferential payment rule,” a unique bankruptcy provision that can come as a suprise to farmers in financial distress.
With 2023 projected to be a difficult year for agricultural producers, Chapter 12 filings may increase. One of the requirements to get a Chapter 12 reorganization plan approved is that be filed in “good faith.” In this blog post, RFD-TV Legal Contributor Roger A. McEowen explains exactly what farmers need to know about the process.
Farmland Real Estate
One drawback of co-equal ownership in estate planning is the right of partition of a co-owner. That’s a particularly acute problem when parents have both on-farm and off-farm heirs.
A family settlement agreement is one method to resolve financial conflicts among family members over assets—if executed properly, that is.
In part six of his blog series,"Top 10 Developments in Ag Law and Tax in 2023,” farm legal expert Roger McEowen tackles issue #2, foreign ownership of ag land.

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Agri-legal expert Roger McEowen with the Washburn School of Law joined us Monday on Market Day Report to dig into the specifics of the new law and what filing requirements there are for farmers.
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