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  1. Western Sports Roundup: The latest in Wyoming at Cheyenne Frontier Days

     Cheyenne Frontier Days makes the cowboys work for the prize money.

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  2. Global beef market prices predicted to strengthen

    According to the latest Rabobank Beef Quarterly Report, the global beef market will regain its positive momentum in the third quarter.

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  3. Western Sports Roundup: Calgary Stampede is underway

    The Calgary Stampede is in full swing.The PBR went to California for a Touring Pro event.Plus, we have winners of Roy Cooper's Jr. Calf Roping.

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  4. New programs support new farmers, ranchers

    Anyone interested in a career raising livestock or working the land could benefit from new government efforts to help people transition to farm life.

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  5. A controversial election could impact Missouri in a big way

     Missouri voters will have the chance to vote on August 5th for a constitutional amendment.

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  6. Impact Headlines:

    Impact Headlines

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  7. "RFD-TV To Hill: Comcast Should Restore Full Carriage"

    “RFD-TV To Hill: Comcast Should Restore Full Carriage” 

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  8. Get to know RURAL RADIO host Rob Keck

    Rob Keck's industry-changing experience and exciting hunting stories bring another unique voice to RURAL RADIO.

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  9. Oklahoma farmer's lost phone returned from Japan

    When an Oklahoma farmer dropped his iPhone in a grain bin last year, he thought he'd never see it again.But nine months later, the phone was returned after traveling halfway around the world and back.

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  10. Oregon State researchers develop high quality wheat for bakers

    Oregon State University is working to develop high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat varieties to meet the area baking industry's needs.

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