All About: Classic Tractor Fever

Classic Tractor Fever

Hosted by Agriculture Broadcaster Brian Baxter, RFD-TV’s popular series “Classic Tractor Fever” is a must-see for any tractor enthusiast. The series takes viewers “on the road” as they tour collections, travel to tractor shows, interview collectors, attend tractor auctions and share the history on some well known and lesser-known tractors. Classic Tractor Fever is the place to find the history, the stories, and the passion of collectors who are preserving these beautiful and amazing pieces of our agricultural past.

In 2017 Classic Tractor Fever and Aumann Auctions created a joint partnership, which brought together the knowledge and resources of two of the most trusted names in vintage iron. The new shows are infused with knowledge and access that only Aumann’s crew can bring. Through this new partnership we’re able to tell more history, share more collector stories and produce “in the shop”, tips on tractor restorations and release online content to a new audience.

Aumann Auctions, Inc. was founded in 1962 and currently conducts over 120 auctions per year across the United States and Europe. Aumann Auctions holds many world records for auction prices, including most records set for vintage tractor and stationary engines. Visit their website to learn more.