All About: Equestrian Nation

Equestrian Nation

Created by professionals who are horsemen themselves, Equestrian Nation features stories about scores of different equine breeds and disciplines from all around the world. This magazine-style show comes from the producers of the highly celebrated, long-running television series, HorseWorld, and boasts the same high-quality production.

Tune in for exciting shows, including: trick roping with Montie Montana, rare footage of legendary horseman Tom Dorrance sharing some of his training techniques, a trip to Scotland to see the home of the Clydesdales and the fields they have plowed for centuries, a visit with Sons of the Pioneers, Rusty Richards, barrel racing with Charmayne James, reining with Dell Hendricks, scenic riding in Ireland, profiles on famous horses like Secretariat and Smart Little Lena, and some cowboy cooking!

Agricultural stories are also featured -- like holistic grazing of cattle and how this method can keep your pastures healthy. The show even features vet tips and hoof care information. Equestrian Nation is a show that is full of information with something for every kind of horse enthusiast to enjoy.

This program gives the RFD-TV audience a chance to see in-depth informational stories about horses and horsemen from all over the world, portrayed through award-winning photography and solid equestrian knowledge and experience.